Frequently Asked Questions

New Online and Mobile Banking

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the website changing?

Earlier in 2018, Lubbock National Bank and Commerce National Bank were acquired by Amarillo National Bank. After this merger, one of our priorities was to upgrade the online banking system to take advantage of new security and technology.

What is changing on the website?

The updated website will have a new look-and-feel and include several new, convenient features.

Will my Login ID stay the same?

Yes, most users will be able to continue to use their same Login ID. However, due to a small number of duplicate logins, a few customers will be asked to change their ID. If you are one of these customers, we will contact you personally.

Will my password stay the same?

You will be asked to change to a new password the first time you log into the new system. This is only temporary. You can immediately change back to your original password! Go to Security Preferences in the Settings menu of the website and app.

Will I be able to access all of the same features on the new website?

You’ll still have access to most of the features you are used to. Due to the new design, the process and location of some of these options may change. Other exciting features will be added. Only a few will be removed.

What features will be removed?

Picture Pay: On the mobile app, you will no longer have access to the Picture Pay service, which allowed you to photograph your bill to process payments.
Debit Card Limits: You will no longer have the ability to increase your daily debit card limits. But don’t worry. We are increasing the base limits for all debit cards anyway. We’ve got you covered!

Will my account history be available on the new system?

Not immediately, but all transaction history should be transferred to the new system within seven days of the launch on October 14. Any past check images will not be available in the new mobile/online banking system. Please call your Banker or visit a Branch to request these documents.

Will I still be able to deactivate my debit card?

Yes! This service will now be handled through a secondary app called Card Control.

Will my Bill Pay still be available?

Yes however we’ll be changing systems. We will migrate all of your current payee information to the new system, so you can continue to pay bills through online banking. Your payees will all transfer over, however your payment history will not. We recommend that you download/print this history for your records before October 10th. After the conversion, it is recommended that you verify that all of your Bill Pay payees transferred over correctly.

Will my scheduled and recurring transfers carry over to the new system?

Yes! We will transition all your transfer information over from the existing system. However, to be safe, please double-check the status of your transfers as of October 14, 2019. If you see any discrepancies, call us us at 888-607-4277.

What if I have a transfer that is scheduled to occur during the weekend of October 12th – 14th?

It is recommended that you edit the transfer to be processed either before October 12th or after October 14th. You can also cancel the transfer and make alternate arrangements for this transaction, then you can set up recurring transfers again through the new system.

Will I continue to receive my security and transaction alerts?

Of course! Security alerts will still be available from the new system. However, transaction and balance-related alerts will no longer be available through online banking. You may set up these account alerts by visiting a branch location or calling 888-607-4277. For debit card transaction alerts, download our Card Control application.

I am signed up for e-statements. Do I have to sign up again?

Nope! Your usual e-statement preferences will transfer over and continue just like before.

Will I still be able to make Person-to-Person transfers?

Yes, you will still be able to make Person-to-Person transfers, but this service will no longer be located within your Bill Pay system. Instead, this takes place via our Pay a Person service, located in the Transfers & Payments section of your app/online banking. Any saved recipients from the old system will need to be re-entered in the new system.

When using Pay a Person, why do the numbers change on the PIN pad when I am entering my PIN number?

This extra security feature is designed to deter anyone who might be spying on your screen as you enter your PIN. It’s much harder to decipher your PIN when the number arrangement changes.

Will I still be able to make external transfers to other financial institutions?

If you previously used Bill Pay to complete transfers to other financial institutions, you will need to add those accounts using our Add External Account feature, and each will need to be verified again before you are able to complete new transfers. The good news: We will no longer charge a fee for this service and you are able to transfer from LNB/CNB to other banks, as well as pull money from the other bank back to LNB.

Will voice banking continue to work?

Yes, this service is available just like before. Call the same number: 806-788-8888.

Will I still be able to use text banking?

Yes! Text banking is still available, but you will need to re-register for this service under the new platform. Text messages from the bank will come from 806-262.

Will I still need to receive Secure Access Codes?

Yes, for security purposes we will continue to send these Secure Access Codes. These will now be 6-digit codes. Previously they were 5 or 8 digits long.

What if I do not see all of my accounts after I login?

Don’t panic! Your accounts still exist. They just aren’t appearing on your screen. Contact our Digital Banking Department at 888-607-4277 to relink a missing account.

I currently use Business Online Banking. Will my user information, wire templates, and permissions transfer over?

Yes! We will be moving over all of your information. In the meantime, we encourage you to double-check your settings and information after October 14. If you notice any discrepancies, contact us at 888-607-4277.

I use a token to verify my wire transactions. Will that change?

You will no longer need the physical token to verify transactions. Instead, this will happen through secure access codes sent to your e-mail or phone number. You will only need a token if you use our Remote Deposit Capture service.

Will my ACH process change?

No. We are still using to process ACH transactions.

What is the difference between Adding an External Account and Linking an Account?

Adding an external account allows you to transfer money to and from that account using your online banking. Linking an account allows you to use ANB’s online banking system to view balance and history information for accounts held at other financial institutions. For details on these, keep reading.

How do I add an external account for transfers?

It’s a simple process. First, login to your online banking and navigate to “Add External Account” in the Transfers & Payments menu. From this screen, enter the routing number and account number of your external account. We will then send 2 small deposits to your account with that bank. Once you have received them, login again to our online banking. Navigate to “Verify External Account” in the Transactions & Payments Menu. Enter the 2 small deposit amounts as prompted. You will then be given access to transfer to/from that account within your online banking.

How do I link an external account to view balance and transaction history?

From the main page, click on “Link Account.” In the next screen, search for the financial institution where your other account is held. Enter your login information for that institution and click “Continue.” The system will then validate your login information. (This process may take a few minutes.) After the link is complete, you will see an option that says “Select Accounts.” Click this option. The next screen allows you to select which accounts you would like to view on your homepage.

Why do the colors change on the Asset Summary graph?

The colors assigned to each account are random and may change each time you login to your online banking. Unfortunately, we do not currently have the ability to change this setting.

If you have further questions, please contact our Digital Banking Department at 888-607-4277.

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