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Personal Trust and Estate Administration Services

Personal Trust Services

Through Personal Trust Services, you can establish a special relationship with CNB that allows the bank to act as your trustee or agent, holding title to designated assets and managing them for your benefit (and that of your named beneficiaries). Revocable or irrevocable trusts can be established during your lifetime or you can create testamentary trusts through the terms of your will.

Under a trust relationship, CNB will help ensure that your wealth is managed according to your wishes, now and for future generations. We can also help:

Qualified Terminal Interest Property Trust

Designed to ensure your designated beneficiaries cannot be changed against your wishes, while still maintaining the unlimited marital deduction.

Dynasty Trust

Allows you to hold assets in trust for generations to come, and removes exposure to taxes as wealth passes to each generation.

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust

Provides flexibility and liquidity for meeting the financial needs of your beneficiaries, reducing and paying estate taxes, and replacing inheritance lost to estate taxes

Additional Choices

Estate Management

CNB's caring professionals bring years of experience to the job of settling an estate, plus in-depth knowledge of today's ever-changing and complex tax laws. We can facilitate all the details of administering your estate and distributing your assets — making sure your wishes are carried out to the letter. We can work closely with you, your family and any other professional advisors you choose, and also serve as your executor as needed. Estate administration, accounting and custodial services

Rely on CNB to:

Tax preparation assistance and oversight

Take advantage of CNB's resources and knowledge to help you save time, identify tax savings and simplify your life.

Probate and estate settlement services

Turn to CNB to help you:

Special Needs Trusts

Caring for those with special needs is an expensive and lifelong proposition. By creating a special-needs trust, you can help provide supplemental support for a disabled person — while maintaining their eligibility for government assistance. CNB can provide professional management of your trust assets and help make sure that your loved one receives continuous financial protection. But we do more than that. CNB's dedicated professionals will work closely with you and your family to help provide an optimal quality of life for the beneficiary. Your trust can provide invaluable funding for life-enhancing opportunities such as education, recreation, custom living arrangements and companionship.

Special Needs Trust Services include:

Ongoing Trust Services include:


A guardianship is an account established at a trust institution appointed by a court to care for the property of a minor or incompetent. As guardian of the estate, CNB provides professional asset management for the benefit of the minor or incompetent in conjunction with an annual accounting and approval by the court.

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Family Charitable Foundations, Trusts And Endowments

Giving back to the world around us is something very close to our hearts at CNB. Establishing a Family Charitable Foundation, Trust, or Endowment is one way you and your family can organize and maximize the assets you choose to share with the philanthropies you support — now and in perpetuity.

A Family Charitable Foundation, Trust, or Endowment is a tax-exempt entity established to accept charitable contributions, manage those assets and make grants to other charities. As the founder, you can direct how the assets will be managed and hand-select grant recipients. Unlike making an outright gift to public charities, having a private foundation allows your perpetual trust to take an active role in philanthropy.

CNB has the expertise to help you develop and administer your Family Charitable Foundation, Trust or Endowment according to your vision. Our charitable-management professionals and portfolio managers use a disciplined process to create a customized investment portfolio, actively managing your cash flow to balance the needs of your foundation against planned distributions to the charities you choose.

Services include:

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Johnny Crowley, (806) 349-9751

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